Our Services

We begin the financial management process with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. Once we have established your overall objectives, we will focus on your specific goals. In the sometimes volatile world of investing, we advocate sensible diversification with a long-term perspective. We work with you side by side, seeking to increase your knowledge so that together we work toward pursuing your financial objectives. This process begins by helping you to assess your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals. We then assist you in developing a sound investment policy and advising you on a suitable asset allocation. The next step is to diversify your portfolio across asset classes and within investment styles. Once this is accomplished, we provide information on selection of investment managers in all of the investment styles and asset classes that your investment strategy may need. Regular meetings with each client are conducted in order to monitor investment performance verses the proper benchmarks. These meetings are used to discuss the current investment climate and to discuss portfolio rebalancing if necessary to provide for changes in investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerances.  


Disclosure:  Neither diversification nor rebalancing can ensure a profit or protect against a loss.